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Welcome to Celis Funeral Home a 100% Family Company

40 years of Prestige and Experience at your Service

Who are we at Celis Funeral Home?
An institution founded in Puerto Vallarta more than forty years. That has grown with you through efforts and good honest work.

We are proud to say that our growth has at all times being thinking about you. As a result our Company has achieved great prestige in all of the region as well as world wide.

Providing for a resting place for our loved ones is without a doubt the primordial preoccupation of all families when thinking about life and the irremediable time when we all have to leave this plane.

The ashes of your loved one may be taken to anywhere and they can be scattered freely in the forest, in the ocean, or even kept at home.


Provident Plan

We have spacious and comfortable facilities that feature all amenities, our desire is to provide excellent care and service in those moments of sorrow.